A Ripple In The {Data} Flow


A Ripple In The {Data} Flow

Curated by Xinchen Du 杜歆晨

Artists: Gregory Edwards, Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong, Xiang Geng (Sean Fox), Tao Hui, Marc Lee, Molly Soda, Ziyang  Wu, Esther Yijun Xu, and Payne Zhu

A Ripple in the {Data} Flow proposes a series of urgent questions too often ignored in this age of global connectivity: What kind of self-awareness can users maintain when they are actively, passively, or indirectly accessing data? If data is structured in a rational way, to what extent are we rational when using data? What are the perils of infatuation with the networked world and the many kinds of information, pleasure, convenience, and fantasy it offers? Curated amid the unprecedented human novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, A Ripple in the {Data} Flow becomes an online virtual exhibition at a time when many events and activities are forced to go online. It thus reflects on how our understanding of reality and virtuality is enhanced by this extraordinary situation.

Image: Collaboration between Xinchen Du, Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong

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